London, England (June, 2019)

The second stop of our 2019 Eurotrip to a visit to the Queen in London, England. We had a nice, quiet day strolling through St James Park, making faux calls in phone booths, having drinks at Churchill Arms, and finishing with lunch in Notting Hill. IMG_3291IMG_3293IMG_3296IMG_3297IMG_3298IMG_3303IMG_3304IMG_3307IMG_3310IMG_3312IMG_3313IMG_3318IMG_3326IMG_3332IMG_3335IMG_3338IMG_3340IMG_3341IMG_3346IMG_3348IMG_3352IMG_3358IMG_3359IMG_3363IMG_3366IMG_3369IMG_3370IMG_3372IMG_3375IMG_3379IMG_3380IMG_3383IMG_3384IMG_3386IMG_3387IMG_3389IMG_3390IMG_3392IMG_3393IMG_3395IMG_3397IMG_3399IMG_3402IMG_3406

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