sicily, italy (september, 2017)

What can I say about Sicily, other than it was absolutely magical? Even before we arrived in Sicily, I knew I was going to love it because I had heard so many wonderful things. It definitely did not disappoint. We arrived in Messina on a somewhat cloudy day and were instantly greeted by our tour guide, Mario. Mario and his brother operate a tour company throughout Italy and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone visiting in the future (you can contact him here: SICILY WITH MARIO). He took us to two beautiful towns, Taormina and Castel Mola, and back to the Messina square to see Orion’s Fountain.

Taormina and Castel Mola perfectly depicted the images I had painted in my head of Sicily. Quaint streets, shops, and restaurants filled up most of our day, and I couldn’t have loved it more. After strolling and shopping for a few hours, we stopped for lunch at Trattoria – Pizzeria Santa Lucia where we met the owners who served us the greatest cheese pizza I’ve ever eaten (I know, I know… how hard is it to mess up a cheese pizza? Well, this one REALLY stood out). And just like that, we were heading back to Messina for our final glances of Sicily before boarding our ship.

I truly cannot express how beautiful Sicily was and how much I want to make it back someday, hopefully for a bit longer of a stay. Until next time, Sicilia, ciao…


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